Abicart Features

Abicart comes packed with unique and powerful features that help you start your online store in no time and without any prior technical knowledge. With numerous integrations and e-commerce tools, managing your online store has never been easier!


Suppliers and partners

With a partner / supplier account you can give access to common orders or, for example, send order confirmations directly to a dropshipping partner.

Multiple administrators

Add multiple administrators to your webshop and work with your colleagues or partners.

Multishop - Several shops

Manage several stores under the same login id. The stores share orders, stock, payment methods and delivery, but have different domain and appearance.


Several currencies

Choose from the 20+ different currencies we have for your webshop. Their exchange rates are updated daily.

Multiple languages

Choose from the 20 different languages we offer for your webshop.

Responsive themes

With our responsive themes, your webshop is highly customizable and will deliver the best experience to users, whether on a computer, mobile or tablet.

Customized Checkout Form

With this setting you can add custom defined customer fields to the checkout customized to your business.

Open API

Develop e-commerce solutions for users through our platform. Our API is available to anyone with an active webshop at Abicart.


Connection to business systems

A business system handles your company’s need for administration outside your webshop. The system can facilitate invoice processing, help you with your accounts or improve order handling.

Facebook Product Catalogue

The Facebook product catalog contains information on all items you want to promote or sell through Facebook or Instagram shopping.

Google Shopping Product feed

Sell ​​using Dynamic Product Ads through Google Shopping. Product Feed includes a list of products that you choose to view through Google.

Mailchimp Integration

With this integration with Mailchimp you can automatically sync your orders, products and customer who register at Abicart.

Google Analytics

Link your Google Analytics account to your webshop

Marketing & SEO

Newsletter with Mailchimp

You can register with our Mailchimp integration which enables newsletters. Customers end up directly in a Mailchimp list and receive newsletters when you want them to.

Popup Shop - Sell ​via other channels

With this feature you can sell your products outside your webshop that is, via social media or a blog. If you want to post a product in a Facebook post, use the link that is linked to your product.

Discount System

Choose from several different discounts. Cheapest Product Free, Free Shipping Discount, Buy X Pay for Y and Percent Discount

Gift Cards

Create gift cards which can be used by your customers for payment of future orders on your webshop.

Affiliate Marketing

With Affiliate Marketing, you can use a third party to generate potential customers. Affiliates receive payment based on the sales generated through their channels, such as through blogs, newspapers or social media.

Newsletter through Abicart

Create your own newsletter and send directly from our system.

Facebook Pixel

Include Facebook pixels to enable retargeting of customers who have visited your webshop already

Instagram Feed

View your Instagram feed directly in your webshop.

SEO friendly webshop

Built-in SEO features such as H1, H2, H3 allow you to write descriptions and meta tags without any need of writing codes


Edit orders

You can edit orders after they are placed on your webshop.

Unlimited orders

With Abicart, there is no limit on the number of orders you can receive.

Easy order editing

Addresses and customer data can be easily edited

Receipt and pick list

Create and print receipt and pick list for your orders, to quickly and easily pick up your goods in stock.

Products and Stock

Unlimited products

Upload as many products as you like. With Abicart, there is no limit on the number of products you have on your webshop.

Product variants

Add multiple variants of products that are available in different sizes or colors.

Product import / export (CSV)

You can import or export your products directly to or from our system respectively. Edit or add products and quickly upload your CSV file.

Sell Digital products

Sell ​​digital products like e-books, audio, pictures, etc.

Storage location of your products

Choose the product’s location in your warehouse. When the pick list is printed, you can easily see the shelf location of the product.

Product Details

Write product details of different products in your webshop.

Product Templates

Product templates make it easier to manage product variants, properties and lists of related products.

Product Package

Combine products that belong together in a “product package”. Enter a separate price for the package.


Organize products in your webshop by different categories and subcategories to suit your requirements.

Product Filters

Make it easy for customers to search products based on multiple attributes such as price, color, or size. Product filters are displayed by category, brand and search pages.

'Out of stock' message

Inventory announcement for goods not in stock.

Inventory management

Keep track of inventory with automatic inventory management.

Security and hosting

SSL encryption

We offer SSL which is a security certificate that encrypts the information between your store and the customer. All information that your customers fill in is passed on as encrypted information to databases and payment systems and thus can’t be accessed by anyone else.

SSL Certificate

Upload your own SSL certificate.

Custom domain

Use your own domain name, or buy one from a domain provider.

Shipping and delivery


Buy products from a third party and have them shipped directly to the customer without storing the products yourself.

Multiple delivery solutions

Collaborate with a variety of delivery and logistics partners for both domestic and international deliveries.

Shopping cart

Simple checkout form

Standard customer checkout form including name, address and phone number which is convenient to fill.

Customer Login

Webshop visitors can create a customer account. As a logged-in customer, you can offer special prices or select a specific customer group to take advantage of a discount code.


Let customers save products in different favorite lists. Saved lists can easily be added to the shopping cart and purchased.

Abandoned Cart

This feature gives you an overview of all customers who have left their shopping cart without buying them. Send a reminder email and give the customer another chance to buy those products.